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County Birders Unite!  If you want to join, contact me.  Anyone can join, if you commit to birding all 58 counties in your lifetime.  For those who have already joined, this is the page for your color-coded maps and the spreadsheet.  Included are links to files that you can download.  Click on your name for your full-size map.  You can also download an Excel file with the everyone's county list totals.  Have fun with it.  If for some reason you cannot access a file please contact me.

Spreadsheet with all of our county list totals is in Excel 2000 format.  To download file, right click mouse button and click on "save target as".  Don't forget to download it in a non-temporary folder so that you can find it later. 

To download file, right click mouse button on the following links to your map files (Microsoft Word 2000) and click on "save target as" .  Don't forget to download it in a non-temporary folder so that you can find it later. * latest updates (since 1/1/15)

Luther*   Sterling*   LomaxJon Dunn Oliver Glover   Scott Terrill   Robbins   Easterla      Parker    Pandolfino   W.Widdowson  Feighner    Van Vuren   Erickson     Laymon   Hazard  CLieurance    LLieurance   H.Green   PGrunow* Carlson    Roberson    Morris    Buffa    Rovell   Deuel*   DeMartini       Rowoth    Manolis  Rice   Slauson    SRose   DRose    Parmeter    Hewitt      Ogan   Cole   Hunter  Long*  Fowler   Carratello   Brady   K.Nelson   San Miguel Sr   Summers     West   Chaniot   VanderPluym    Hawley*    Fischer*  Rycenga   Lewis   Johnson  Zumwalt   Pittman    Little    Coldren    Loughman  File*   Lazere    Gain    Leskiw   Holland*    SLomax    San Miguel Jr  Wight   Brock   Colasanti*   Sonnenberg   Young   McDonald   Steele*     Bell   Fahey  Kiehl   Harter*  RTerrill   Brown   Rudesill   Bacchetti*   Townsley*  Dunham  Gaines     Fisher    Ruckle    Mosur   Laughlin*    Schneider    Hiatt    Kahle  BJ Stacey    Miller   Elias   Zdon  Marsh   Toldi*   Park   BBrandriff  RBrandriff  Mast*   Dillingham  Norton   Skram   House   OverholtzHarrisJohn Oliver*   Priscilla SummersPavlov   Duhalde*   Hunn   Allen   CoffeySheehey  TolenoChamberlin* Rogner   ZolotarNickerson*   Swartout*     Skalos* Deghi* Easter*

You can send me updates as you wish (monthly or bi-monthly) and if I am here, I will update them immediately.

good birding,

John Sterling  

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