Spoken word ballad, which appears on compilation CD, “Hurwitz in Handcuffs.” Produced by Lost Coast League, the 23 selections immortalize the arrest of Maxxam Corporation’s CEO Charles Hurwitz. 


Fracas at Gate 2


Just got in in the Lear

Rules may apply to some

But certainly not to me


Hah, rules…

I take the shortcuts                                        

Away from all the fools

Can’t afford to wait with the masses

You know my Golden Rule:

He who has the gold, rules

Do you know who I am?


Security’s radio crackled

“Subject uncooperative at Gate 2”

For those of us not admitted to the club

No special treatment for you

No special treatment for me

Fracas at Gate 2


Power is an arrogance

Entitlement knows no bounds

Don’t expect to find your soul

In the Lost & Found


The radio crackled

“Subject belligerent at Gate 2”

I’m here representing Maxxam

Uncuff me this instant!

Do you know who I am?

Fracas at Gate 2


Handcuffs make it tough to strum

The “I’m the Victim Here” raga

Finally, the authorities got it right

In this long, strange saga


Ever since the sandbox

You’ve always got your way

Isn’t it time to give someone else a say?


Tom Leskiw

Lyrics © August 12, 2007