Trinity County 200 Club

229  John Hunter

"I was spending a great deal of time doing fieldwork for the Forest Service in Trinity County in the 1990's and one day while reviewing my Trinity list I realized that " Hey, I'm a contender for Trinity, and could really be somebody."  I then started the systematic, and very enjoyable, task of going through all of the available information to assist with my search for every possible resident and likely transient that does, or might, occur in the county.  Fortunately, Gjon Hazard was a willing participant in countless weekends and semi-work-related excursions to old and new hotspots in the county.  Trinity is a great county to get away from the crowds, but can seem like a cruel mistress after a very long day of driving and birding (and possibly camping) with not even a semi-interesting observation to show for the effort."


John's most favorite top five finds include:


Marbled Godwit and Mew Gull together at Trinity Center (both first county

records) with Gjon Hazard, Tom Leskiw and Greg Schmidt.


Nuttalls Woodpecker in Weaverville.


Gray Jay.  My 200th nib for Trinity, near Onion Camp.


Rufous-crowned Sparrow.  2nd county record.


Yellow-headed Blackbird.   First county record with my daughter Libby.

226   John Luther

"Love birding the beautiful areas in Trinity, but the county is over four hours from home in Oakland so my number of trips has been reduced.  Retired from 37 years of teaching biology and natural history at the College of Alameda and leading natural history trips throughout California and to Alaska, Baja, Galapagos, Australia and Switzerland.  Had four wonderful tours of duty at Rio Cristalino Jungle Lodge in Brazil as research assistant to my son doing field work on bird vocalizations and communication for his PhD. Now like to sprinkle in a little international birding with California County Birding."

John's most favorite top five finds include:

Red Phalarope 1st county record and my last county to 225 in California

Mew Gull  2nd county record

Black-crowned Night-Heron

White-fronted Goose (my 200th species for the county)

Eurasian Green-winged Teal 1st county record



213   Gjon Hazard

Gjon's most favorite top five finds include:

207  Jim Lomax

Jim's most favorite top five finds include:


206  Tom Leskiw

What can be said about Trinity County that hasn’t been said already? Beautiful. Remote. Unforgiving. Wild—still has yet to install a single stoplight. The lion’s share of the habitat is coniferous forest, which makes the accrual of 200—especially for out-of-towners—an amazing achievement. I salute you! My dream is to find something amazing in the cottonwood restoration project I did at the downstream end of Todd Ranch. The site got off to a good start with a Least Flycatcher, before the trees were even planted.  


Tom's most favorite top five finds include:

 Canyon Wren (at a previously unknown location along So. Fk. Trinity River, upstream of Todd Ranch. County line cha-cha, as it moved across river into Humboldt County.)

 Marbled Godwit & Mew Gull (together) with Gjon Hazard, John Hunter & Greg Schmidt

 Great-tailed Grackle (Ruth Reservoir. 2nd County Record. Confirmed breeding)

 Rufous-crowned Sparrow. (Island Mt. w/ John Hunter and Gjon Hazard)

 Least Flycatcher (Wintered at Todd Ranch. Found while conducting hydro fieldwork w/ beater bins. ID narrowed to Least or Dusky. Correctly identified first by David Fix)


206  John Sterling

John first started birding in Trinity when he live in Humboldt County during the 1980s.  When he moved in 1991 to Marin, he had 155 species on his Trinity list and felt very satisfied with himself.   A couple of years later while on a Trinity County birding trip with John Hunter and Gjon Hazard, he soon found that 175 should be his goal as the others were all getting over 150.  Little did he know that Hunter and Hazard would eclipse the "impossible" 200 barrier, propelling John into a fit of discomfort knowing that he'd have to make many, many more trips to Trinity to reach 200.

John's most favorite top five finds include:

Common Tern 1st county record

Arctic Tern 1st county record

Surf Scoter

Baird's Sandpiper

Red-necked Phalarope 1st county record

203  Chet Ogan

Chet's most favorite top five finds include:

203  Steve Glover

Steve's most favorite top five finds include:

Cattle Egret/1st county record

Snowy Egret/2nd county record

Swainson's Hawk/1st county record

Sanderling/1st county record

Wilson's Phalarope/1st county record